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​ ​Vision
​Competent, Adaptable and Globally Competitive Human Capital
​ ​Mission
​To Steer and Coordinate National Human Capital Development for a globally competitive workforce
  • Develops National HRD policy and plan in relations with the labour market supply and demand
  • To formulate Plan of Action to address national HRD matters and issues including manpower planning, employment and education; and develop Human
        Capacity Building programs for both public and private sector
  • Manages and Administers HRD Fund and ensure HRD programmes are aligned to National Development Plan
  • Analyses Labour Market Information including publishing Labour Market Report (Labour Market Trend) and develop Manpower Projection:
  • Secretariat to (i) National HRD Council; (ii) National HRD Working Committee & (iii) Dana HRD Steering Committee
  • Coordinate among all relevant HRD agencies to implement, monitor and evaluate national HRD programmes
  • Plays focal point Role in Coordinating Activities for Brunei's Involvement in International & Regional HRD Matters such as in APEC HRD Working Group     and International Labour Organisation
Strategic Goals​ ​
​Effective National Human Capital Development and Optimum Utilisation of Human Resource
​ ​Strategies
  • To establish a National HRD Policy Council, National HRD Working Committee & Secretariat
  • To develop an effective National Human Resource Development policies and plan
  • To develop a comprehensive Labour Market Information & Analysis System
  • To develop a comprehensive and coordinated National Human Capacity Building Programs